Interracial Dating!! Yes or No??

Most people say Love is Love but what happens when that love crosses a line that not many are open to discuss, RACE. In 2018, you would think that race wouldn’t be such a big deal but unfortunately it is. People like Mildred and Richard Loving fought and endured so much so that we can love and marry anyone we chose to, so why is it such a big deal. So you know what I did next RIGHT! I asked my friends, coworkers, and even strangera how they felt about interracial dating and marriages. I received a wide range of answers buy many people stated that LOVE IS LOVE and they didn’t see a thing wrong with it. Some people stated that they didn’t judge others, but it wasn’t something that they were open to because they “needed someone who truly understood them.” From personal experience I can say that I don’t have problem with ANYONE who dates or marries outside of their race. I have tried it once but the relationship did not go well because I was not strong enough to deal with the judgement and comments from others, but I believe that everything happens for a reason, we are all born to love, hate is taught. As human beings no matter what race we are we should always teach love and tolerance to our children and have some ourselves.


Below I shared some quotes I received:

“I accept everyone, but I feel more connected with a woman of my own race.”

“In an interracial relationship, you have to deal with ugly glances from his or her family, and the public, but if you are strong enough to make it, there’s nothing that can stop your love.”

“Just don’t do it.”

“The love of my life is a Black woman, yes at times it is hard, but love has helped us through the hard times plus she taught me where “BYE FELICIA” comes from.”