Not all thrillers have dancing zombies and red leather jackets. Sometimes all they need happy faces in a depressing situation. We Happy Few takes place in an alternate timeline during which Germany controls Great Britain during the 1960s. To keep the general public subsided, everyone is required to stay doped up on a drug called Joy. you play Arthur Hastings, a once upstanding citizen who decides to stop taking his joy and is trying to escape the town of Wellington Wells while also trying to unravel the mystery of Arthur’s past.

The game is an interesting mixture of survival, stealth and adventure. The first person melee combat is very reminiscent of games like “Dead Island” and “Dishonored”. The stealth mechanics are interesting because while you can attempt to sneak around undetected, the joy also allows you to walk through most groups of people while hiding in plain sight. However there is a catch the more you use Joy the more it wares on your sanity and affects your memory.

Graphically the game game looks interesting as it uses colors vividly to separate the different districts from each other, especially while using Joy. there where a couple technical issues with textures not loading quick enough, or at all in some cases. At times the frame rate drop was drastic to the point of making the game unplayable. Lastly, loading screens are quite frequent as you travel through districts and at times tend to take longer than they should.
Despite its shortcomings, this game is a labor of love. Originally starting as an indie title, Compulsion games joins forces with Gearbox for financing because they took the feedback gamers gave them seriously. With a procedurally generated landscape and heavy survival mechanics, the early access release was a game that had a good amount of replay value. No 2 playthroughs are the same. With Gearbox’s backing, Compulsion Games was able to add an in depth story worth the games ambition. Of Course a few changes did come with the official release. A lot of the survival elements were changed. Eating food just gives you a buffer instead of being a necessity. There’s also a heavy mystery element surrounding the history of Wellington Wells.

There are a lot of things i could add about this game, but i honestly don’t want to spoil any of it. This is a game much better experienced by playing, but overall, id give the game a 4/5. The graphical issue is at time, but could easily be fixed with a patch or two. Considering How much Compulsion Games cares about this project, it should be fixed soon enough. The game has a solid blend of stealth and adventure, but the survival mechanics whould have been nice to see had they kept them.