In a world where Donald Trump is President, you would think that anything is possible but somehow some people still believe that it is impossible for a woman to make more than a man. It is true that men have been the breadwinners for many years but now women are slowly becoming the primary breadwinners. You heard me right, WOMEN are making the big BACON. The question that I was presented with was “How can I wear the pants if my woman makes more money than I do?” This question is very personal to me because I have been through this before, so my answer was very blunt. “We both wear pants so why the hell what’s in my pockets matter.” After some thinking I realized that I reacted harshly. So, I will revise my answer.
In a relationship money can be a huge problem especially when the woman is making more than her man. It can cause him to feel emasculated and doubt his status as the Alpha. Don’t get me wrong it is not always the man who has a problem (don’t hate me ladies). Sometime as women we have become too accustomed to being the bossy at work we forget that our relationship is a partnership not a dictatorship. We can make comments that we think are harmless, but they can really hurt our partner. I know that some women will say that the man needs to just deal with the fact that he makes less than his woman, but I hate to say you are the problem, Sis. Just because a man may be insecure about it doesn’t mean that he should be belittled and considered weak. So, ultimately my advice is if you truly love who you are with have an honest conversation about how each other you feel and remember that Rome was not built in a day.
Patience and Communication are KEY.
Be blessed Dudes and Dudettes



  1. I don’t agree with you but I think men wouldn’t feel so bad if the woman wouldn’t let him know constantly that she make more money. I think that alone plays a big part

  2. I mean I do agree with you

  3. Agreed 100% working together don’t matter who makes more or less as long as it’s no a significant +/- if I make $40K & my lady make $45K who cares we both still contribute & both are successful. Teamwork gets shit done.

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