So you’ve made a new friend. A confident Afro American whom you enjoy spending time with, good for you. But you’ve also noticed that your new friend has some interesting hobbies and interests. Hobbies and interests that you yourself, might not have dabbled in. Is it possible your new friend is a nerd? Well with 10 easy steps, you can be socially accepting of your new friends ideology.



  • Being a nerd is not acting white.


A lot of individuals, when met with some forms of content and behaviors, often associate them with a certain person or race of people. In the process of labelling this ideology into a more understandable category, often times they strip away the racial identity of a person. But it’s ok. Being a nerd doesn’t mean you have to give up other areas of your personality. Often times your ethnic identity can shed light on a subject, viewing from another angle, and there by adding your own thoughts to an ever growing conversation



  • Not all nerds dress and act the same.


Hey, did you see that nerdy guy on TV? You know, the one with the glasses and the pocket protector. That individual looked like a nerd. But is it his clothes that set him apart or his style? Well it couldn’t be. You see, there is no set uniform for the everyday nerd.part of being a nerd is enjoying parts of other culture. But in no way does that destroy your individuality.


  • Being a nerd does not affect one’s sexuality.


Often times, certain people associate things they do not understand with subjects they deem inappropriate or uncomfortable. They then use these assumptions as a point of ridicule against a group of people. However, at no point does one’s interest reflect in any way, one’s sexuality or sexual preference. Terms such as “man, thats gay”, only reflect ignorance, bigotry, and discrimination. At the same time, if said person is any form of LGBT, you can not belittle a person for being what they are. Let people be what they want to be and like what they want to like.


  • Being a nerd does not affect one’s intelligence or physical abilities.


When someone pictures a nerd in their mind, they often see someone with thick spectacles, suspenders, scrawny physic, often good at math and science but lacking basic social skill. This is a very derogatory image. Please let it go. This is not a nerd. At most its an insulting attempt to belittle a culture. Do not mistake this for the face of nerd culture.


  • Stop trying to label your nerd friends based on something they’re interested in.


Some people, when attempting to better understand a subculture or fandom, tend to use terms to better categorize individuals into a group. Examples include gamers being “game heads”, or anime fans being “anime freaks”. Stop doing this. It isn’t as derogatory as other terms mentioned, but it is annoying and kind of insulting. It doesn’t hurt as much as homophobic or racial slurs, but it still isn’t fun to hear.


  • Nerd is not a derogatory term, don’t use it as one.


A nerd can be defined as a lot of things. The most common definition is, “a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.” This is not a nerd. A nerd is someone who appreciates the time, effort, and intelligence that goes into different areas of existence. Nerd isn’t something to be used to put anyone down. They’re everywhere and should not be treated as different.


  • You don’t need to introduce your nerd friend AS a nerd.


Please, you don’t need to introduce someone as “my other nerd friend”. It’s just as, if not more awkward as introducing any other group of friends. Besides, they’ll figure it out eventually anyway.


  • If you know your nerd friends interest, you are not obligated to introduce them to other nerds, even if they share the same interest.


This probably goes hand in hand with the last mention, but felt necessary to point out. If 1 person is into science, you don’t need to introduce them to all the other people you know that like science.


  • Nerds don’t have to stop nerding about something because they are a certain age.


There is a common misconception that when you reach a certain age you should have outgrown certain fandoms. Dont tell, or let anyone tell you what can and can’t be enjoyed. If this where the case, growing up, being a kid, overall existence would bw hella boring.


  • Everyone is a nerd.


Do you enjoy movies, cartoons, or comics? Do you regularly regularly watch sporting event almost as if they were gladiator tournaments?do you pick apart rap lyrics an often discuss why Wu-Tang is the greatest rap group of all time? Do you have an extencive collection of sneakers, some of which you refuse to wear? Congratulations, whether you know it or not. You are a nerd. Everyone nerds out about something, even when they don’t know it. The unnecessary circle of ridicule needs to cease so everyone can better express the person they want to be.